December 5 2023
At The Knockout with The Laytcomers and Suboptics.
August 16 2023
At Winters Tavern with It&i and Vertacyn Arc Materializer.
April 15 2023
At Kilowatt with Drunk Dom and the Roaches, and Filthy Fil.
January 18 2023
At The Knockout with Drunk Dom and the Roaches, Los Sol and Nu Normol.
October 20 2022
At Gestalt with Drunk Dom.
March 16 2022
At The Golden Bull with NI/NA and The Chaw.
March 6 2022
At Zeitgeist with Inti Batey, Stereo Glitter, Kanyon Songs, The Wicked Pricks, Paul Verhoven Jaws Remake.
February 8 2022
At Bottom of the Hill with Los Dandy Lions, Bro Brocean.
January 23 2022
At Zeitgeist with Stephanie Woodford Trio, David Trevors.
October 16 2021
At Winters Tavern with Doctor Doctor and NI/NA.
September 27 2019
At Cinnabar with States of Nature and Goes 'n' Goes.
August 14 2019
At The Knockout with Mad Beef, Care, Stress Dreams.
May 11 2019
At Milk Bar with LoFi Satellit, Laytcomers.
April 18 2019
At SF Eagle with Billy & Dolly and Spiritcrusher. 8pm.
April 14 2019
At Oakland Secret with Laytcomers, Ghost Galley, The Towns. 7:30pm.
February 17 2019
At The Knockout with Mint, Stranger, Moondrops, Inner Space Visitor. Early show! 5pm.
December 14 2018
At Cinnabar with Laytcomers. 6pm.
December 1 2018
At Jeff's House with Bitter Loa and Blurred out. 6pm.
July 18 2018
At Bar Fluxus with LoFi Satellites. 8&endash;10pm.
May 4 2018
At Hemlock Tavern, with Nyre, Pink Mexico, The Laytcomers. Starts at 8:30pm.
July 2 2017
At Cafe du Nord, with Living Bodies. Doors at 7:30pm.
April 13 2017
At Winters Tavern (Pacifica), with Boss's Daughter and Panhandlers' Union. 9pm.
March 30 2017
At Amnesia, with Cabbage Head and Proto. 9pm.
March 1 2017
At Elbo Room, with Wölf Eel and Little Twins. 9pm.
February 24 2017
At ~Cinnabar~, with Blurred Out and Pervert Fervor. 8pm.
February 11 2017
At The Colony (Sacramento), with The O'Mulligans, Night Damage, and Stranger. 8pm.
December 16 2016
At ~Cinnabar~, with Brunch. 9pm.
December 11 2016
At the Honey Hive gallery, with Stranger and Faux Pas. 8pm.
November 29 2016
Hotel Utah, with Spirit Crusher and Stranger. 8pm.
October 8 2016
At Stork Club (Oakland), with Stranger and Blurred Out. Show at 8pm.
September 13 2016
At El Rio, with Erik Core and Hounds of Innsmouth. Show at 8pm.
August 18 2016
At Neck of the Woods, with Uncle and Foxx Bodies.
July 31 2016
At Brick and Mortar, with Hit me Harold, The Chili Banditos, and Brissey. Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm.
June 4 2016
At some random 24th and Filbert party (Oakland), with Babewatch, Michael Rey & The Woebegones, and Ziplock. Show at 9pm.
May 29 2016
At Winters Tavern (Pacifica), with Erik Core, and Polyorchids. Show starts at 9pm.
April 21 2016
At Hemlock Tavern with Brunch, and Spiritcrusher. Doors at 9pm.
April 1 2016
South First Fridays Art Walk at MLK Library, San Jose. Show at 6pm.
March 11 2016
At some random house, with Walter Etc and Weston Bookhouse. Doors at 7pm.
September 1 2015
At Bottom of the Hill with Pleasure Parade, and Decent Criminal. Doors at 9pm.
May 14 2015
At Spot 2183 (the old Submission) at Mission and 18th, with DSTRYR and Scott Page. 8pm.
March 6 2015
At Flavorlazer, 953 W. MacArthur Blvd (Oakland), with The Simple Pleasure. Doors at 8pm.
February 21 2015
At Submission, 2183 Mission St, doors at 8pm.
November 21st 2014
The Missionary Party, at the Dark Room, 2263 Mission St, 8pm.
August 9th 2014
At the ol' Berkeley foundry warehouse at 835 Carleton St. 4pm.
June 4th 2014
At the Hemlock Tavern, with The Nurseries. 9pm.
May 3rd 2014
Laughstravaganza at the ol' Rebel. 1772 Market St, doors at 8pm.
March 29st 2014
At Art Internationale Gallery, with Sinombre, and Burnt. Doors at 9pm.
March 21st 2014
At The Stork Club (Oakland), with Foreverever, and Oceanography. First band is at 8pm.