The Line up

Guy Benjamin Brookshire

Gawd, what an asshole. This guy doesn’t even make his own artworks! Instead, he cuts up other people’s artworks and then scribbles things in the margins!

JK! We love the guy! In addition to serving as the event’s officially appointed ringmaster, Mr. Brookshire will kick off things with a lively multimedia reading presentation of his graphic collage novel, The Universe War.

Windy Hill

It’s immediately evident at a Windy Hill show that the band is excited about bluegrass music and has big fun picking and singing. Named after the golden hill in Portola Valley, CA that separates the SF Bay Area from the Pacific Ocean, Windy Hill is the new face of bluegrass on the West Coast. With their strong harmony singing, original songwriting and hard-driving banjo, Windy Hill is becoming increasingly well-known—and are winning awards—for their entertaining performances.

So that’s what it says on their site. But what I say is, they fucking rock.


Oakland, California's Foreverever plays stripped-down, piano-driven indie pop with the simplicity and sincerity of their pre-Beatles rock and roll icons Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison and with the wit and edge of their 90's nerd-rock heroes Weezer and Ben Folds Five. Each one of Foreverever's songs could easily be placed in a separate genre; some of their songs lean indie rock, some wander into Americana territory, and others are comfortably fit into garage pop, but all of their songs are unified by infectious melodies, catchy rhythms, interesting lyrics and plenty of energy.

The Laughs

The Laughs are a San Francisco trio dedicated to exploring and expanding the sonic possibilities of minimalist post avant garage velvety drone rock, seasoned with a healthy smattering of outlaw country, tropicália, disco, new wave and more. You will laugh. You will cry. You will hopefully dance. Who knows que pasa?

Trendy Dad

A band so new, they haven’t even written their bio yet. We can tell you that they include former members of the SFPD, that they wear hats, and that the sound guy at the Stork Club likes ’em. What’s not to like?

Peter Adshead

Wouldn’t you like to know? No Web presence, thank you; they’re way too underground for that.

All this and more for the low price of five American dollars!

Doors at 8 pm; show starts at 8:30.

Spread the word, and bring your friends!